Groupies Use Your Rock Star Cock in a VR Threesome

The full rock star experience. Virtual Reality promises to let you live out so many different fantasies. There are dozens of games on the market where you can stand on stage on rock out to your favorite songs with thousands of cheering fans in front of you. But there's only way to experience what happens after the concert: this virtual reality video from RealityLovers. Greta A and Kayla Green are a couple of your biggest fans. Not to mention they're also a couple of your fans with the biggest tits! They'll do anything to show you how much they liked they show, and they've got a little rock star of their own that they want to live out. Delivered in RealityLovers high-quality, immersive style, you'll experience what it's like to have two women all to yourself. Well, maybe you'll have to share a little... they seem to like each others' bodies a whole lot, too!

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