Come in Mouth of VR First-Timer - Blonde Amateur POV

How would you describe the perfect woman? Would she be blonde? Sure. Blue eyes? Of course! Huge, soft, all-natural tits that jiggled beautiful as you fucked her? Naturally. Well, CzechVR Casting might have found the perfect woman, and her name is Florane Russell. Florane is stopping by the studio to audition for a new line of work, and we think she's going to fit in perfectly. From the moment we saw her, we couldn't wait to get that top off of her and see those gigantic tits for ourselves. You NEED a virtual reality headset to really appreciate what they look like - you can't just look at a flat screen. This cute amateur likes hardcore action, and once she's done fucking she takes a full load into her mouth like a pro. Like we said, the perfect woman...

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