Physical Therapy - Busty Blonde Babe POV

Now you wouldn't want a woman to have her mental health go untreated, would you? You're just filling in for a coworker who sees this hot slut every week in his office, and it turns out that his treatment is a little... unorthodox. Spencer Scott gets right down to business, expecting the same treatment plan that she gets every week, and that means that she's going to need your cock. She's going to need your cock in her mouth, against her lips, deep in her pussy... well, the list goes on. Filmed in breathtaking high definition, and using a stand-in torso to give you the best POV on all the action, your jaw will hit the floor the moment you see those glorious tits popping out at you. Spencer Scott is wickedly sexy, slithering over to you with a sort of movement only the hottest pros manage. Hop into this intensely erotic virtual reality experience from BabeVR! The patient will see YOU now, Doctor!

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