Lesbian Strapon Fucking with Shy Love Riding a Toy

Shy Love just hasn't been getting the attention from her boyfriend she deserves. He's been working long hours at the office and part of her thinks he's been cheating on her with the hot new secretary. Maybe that's just her mind going to the worst-case scenario, but it doesn't make things any easier on Shy. She's a young woman and she has her needs. Jenna Sativa stops by one evening to see how Shy has been doing. Jenna has always been her older mentor. In fact, she's been more of a big sister to her than anything over the years. Jenna just can't bare to see Shy stress out. Sexual frustration is the worst, as she's gone through it herself. That is why she has the perfect solution for Shy's problems. Jenna pushes Shy back in bed. It catches Shy off guard for a moment, but she doesn't resist. She lets it happen. Jenna makes quick work of Shy's panties and has quick access to Shy's pussy. The sudden and intense attention has made Shy wetter than she can remember. She's finally going to get some action! Jenna produces a dildo, ready for play. As she toys Shy, sliding it in and out of her while changing vibration speeds, she also tongues the young beauty, to make sure she really gets the blunt of the pleasure. But this is just the beginning. Jenna doesn't want to just toy Shy to get her off. No, she wants to make sure Shy fully gets off like a woman should. So, she pulls out the strap on. She's going to ride Shy just like any real man with a throbbing cock would. She pushes Shy over onto her hands and knees, ready to play. Pushing the strap on deep into Shy, they both moan. Jenna loves the exhilaration on Shy's face. She's obviously never been with a woman before. Chances are this won't be the last time either. Shy sits on Jenna's lap, bouncing up and down on the makeshift cock. Jenna squeezes Shy's tits as they skip up and down with every thrust. Jenna sucks on her nipples as Sky cums all over the toy, soaking it and letting her love juices run down the side of Jenna's leg. This fun is just beginning though. Shy has never been this turned on before in her life. She's gotten off, but it isn't going to be the last time tonight it happens. She just wants to return the favor to Jenna. This orgasm was the best she's had in a very, very long time. Sometimes a woman knows what a woman wants. She gets down on her knees and slides down to Jenna's inner thighs. As she tongues the older woman she's considered a sister all these years, she readies the strap-on around her own body. The toy glistens with her own cum, which will just make it that much easier to slide deep into Jenna. She can't wait.