Sarah Kay Works Up a Sweat in the Sauna

Blonde babe Sarah Kay stepped into the sauna wearing nothing but a very short, pink silk robe. She wasted no time untying the robe and letting it fall off her body so she could play with her small, but perky and cute tits. She ran her hands all over her body, massaging her tits, playing with her erect nipples then getting on all fours so she could reach back rub her round ass. With one hand still playing with her tits she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked on them until they were nice and wet then she slammed two fingers into her tight, shaved pussy. Her fingers drilled into her pussy with everything she had, her hand slapping against her clit. The room was filled with her moans as she got back up on her knees and fingered herself from behind. As she finger fucked herself, she started working up a sweat and made some very sexy eye contact as she got herself very close then came all over her fingers. She stuck her wet fingers in her mouth and licked them clean then started massaging and rubbing her clit. As she built up speed she came a second time then once again she licked her fingers clean.

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